VA suggest (where to apply)

Hello everyone !
I want to join a community virtual company / airmail. I saw an instagram publication on IF celebrating “x years” of an English VA / BAVA. Which active VA accepting all kinds of nationalities could you suggest to me? (the link please)
(I do not think I have the right to post here. Help me please)

Here is the link to BAVA


If you want to join other VA’s I recommend you look here.

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Howdy! I believe all VAs/VOs accept all kinds of nationalities.

Since VAs aren’t allowed to advertise outside of their own threads, here is the IFVARB database:

Have fun joining VAs and VOs! They’re certainly a fun way to get involved in the Community. :)

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Okay thank you @MrMrMan @Chris_Wing
i think join a french airlines but there are not many I think
unless you know one.


You know french very active VA?

Anyone would accept you as long as you’re active. Very diverse community of people in each VA/VO.


And meet the requirements the VA/VO might have set out🙂👍

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Well, there is the AFKLM group.

Please don’t make this thread an advertisement for VA/VO.


You can choose any VA/VO you want 🙂

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I did not intend to advertise

Bruh I love KLM’s livery where do I apply*

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Look your DM, the link of the VA is send

Ok thx bro

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Okay but future don’t do that 😀

Thanks for the help everyone! Question has been answered :)