VA sponsorships

What are the policies on getting sponsored by the real world airline you are modeled after? EG: Turkish Virtual sponsored by Turkish Airlines?


I’m sure it varies by airline. You’ll have to contact them to see about it.

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Wait what, airlines really sponsor these VA’s?

No, I was just wondering if they offered/we requested it would we be allowed to accept or would we get in trouble with the IFVARB

It’s possible, but I’ve not heard of any VAs that are sponsored by their real-world counterparts.

@Delta_Virtual is sponsored by the RL delta I believe


So we could in theory do it? It’s not against the rules or anything(of the VARB)

They can, but most don’t even like having a VA in their name

DLVA isn’t sponsored btw I took a peek😀

I doubt they would sponsor any VA’s, but instead recognise them.

No they are, DLVA operates under a special agreement with the real world Delta.

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This isnt in IF, but the Real Life TAP sponsors a TAP Virtual (P3D I believe).
Also, for each logged hour, you get a determinated number of miles that you can actually use IRL

But It is relatively hard to get in there, from what I was told

Well a special agreement is different then a sponsorship.

in fact a number of real life airlines actively DO NOT WANT a VA based on their airline. Thats one of the reasons that the IFVARB was founded was to help control the raise of VAs within IF and give them a bit reassurance to the real life that we are loking after their image.

Yes, I know. Im stating how an agreement is different to a “sponsorship” which some are referring it as.

There is actually a list of banned VAs for that exact reason. But it is interesting that we (assuming @Noah_P is talking about my VA) could get sponsored or an agreement if approved. Not sure if it’d be a good idea doing that, because I’m not sure if the benefits outweigh the risks (getting shut down). And I’m not sure how Saudia would react to Saudia Virtual. 😂


Clearing this up, DLVA is not sponsored by Delta, however, the VA has a signed agreement with Delta Air Lines to operate within Infinite Flight.

With the agreement, DLVA can use the likeness of the airline and has access to logos and pictures from Delta IRL to use across the network. The VA uses this agreement as an opportunity to help grow the VA and advertise as needed.


It all comes down to copyright and doing what is right.

  • Some airlines do not want the logo or name used in any way. To get around this, they may fly the airline in IF but on the website it is under a different name with a generic VA logo.
  • Some VAs, like DLVA, ask permission and have it in writing to use the logo. Each airline is different. The airline may provide restrictions on the logo. Size, color, modifications, etc.
  • You can do what you want but some airlines may send legal papers asking you to stop operations and/or take down your website. That’s why it is preferred to ask permission to be 100% sure.
  • One thing you can do to help is on your website to CLEARLY state that you are a virtual airline and provide a link to the real airline webpage. Some VA websites are very well done and can cause confusion to regular customers looking for the actual airline.

It is a risk to ask, one of the reasons because NonStop Virtual exists is because Lufthansa didn’t like their brand being used (I believe). It is a chance, but if they approve that could be a major boost to the VA


On our old website, despite clearly saying we where a VIRTUAL airline working on the INFINITE FLIGHT SIMULATOR, we still got emails asking about lost luggage and wanting to buy tickets…

One reason we changed it.