Va southwest

Let’s do a southwest va main hub will be midway then we will go to other southwest hubs


Maybe put this in the #live:groupflights category. Thank you!


Just to let you know the group flights category was shut down today.

I can still see it when I open a new topic?

it’s still there, someone made a topic just a little bit ago in there only two minutes after you posted your reply

Use the link above If you want to join southwest virtual. However if you want to do a group flight I recomend using the Live:group flights catagory or using the IF discord

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It shuts down July 1st

Irrelevant to this topic, but why is it closing?

Check the topic where it was announced. Explains it all

It wasnt shut down today, it will shut down july 1st.

Ok so I should put it in the live group flight

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Yes! Please do. :)