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Hey there, so I’m currently in the process of doing routes for a virtual airline and i just wondered if anyone knows if the routes from come in the csv format when brought and If that means that the routes can be copied straight into airtable before i buy them.
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They do indeed! However, you have to choose which “system” (crewcenter format) you want before downloading. It’ll look like this:

Each different system will organize your schedule data in a different way, some may include aircraft registration, while some won’t but will use IATA designation for airports instead of ICAO. Thankfully, you can always go back and download the same schedule for a different system once you have paid. This allows you to choose the best system’s schedule to use for your Airtable setup.

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Great, really appreciate it. Thank you

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So if i download two different schedules due to subsidiaries would i be able to add two different routes downloads to the same table separately?

Sure. Just add another tab into your existing airtable if you would like, like this:

Or just paste the subsidiary’s routes under the routes you currently have in your Airtable.

If you want to keep both the new subsidiary’s routes and your existing routes in the same format (e.g. the order route details are listed in), it might take some reorganizing but I have done it before. You can reorganize what positions columns and rows of data are in by copying the entire column/row you want to move and moving it wherever.

What is ?

It’s a website where for almost any scheduled passenger/cargo airline in the real world, you can download their schedule to use for your VA’s route database. You do have to pay though.

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