VA Schedule choosing PHP7 or PHP3

Hi all, I have recently bought schedules for my PHPvms Crew Centre and I was wondering which one i pick, My version is PHP 5.6 so which one do I choose for my CC? Because it doesn’t show 5.6.


I usually download phpVMS 3 and those work.

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Alright so do you recommend I do phpVMS 3?

Yep. phpVMS 3.

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Alright thanks!

Just one question, do they have support or something?

They offer support through a discord server. PM me and I’ll send the link.

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and also is it compatiable with my version of PHP? @Starz

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I just got mine yesterday, used 3 and it’s working fine! By the way, you can ask this here :)

Thanks! it works yay!! I’ll ask the mods to close this

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For phpvms 5.6 you need thr vms3 version as the 7 has different layouts suited for the 7 version

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Thanks for all the help!

Glad an answer was found! OP requested this be closed