VA Reservation Period?

I’ve posted another thread regarding identifying available VAs with a view to creating one, but as a side topic I have another question…

I’ve been looking on the IFVARB Active Reservations list, but there are no significant dates visible. How long will a VA reservation remain in place before it becomes available for application by another person? I would hope that in the interest of allowing those keen to develop a VA an opportunity, slow progressing or abandoned applications would be removed from the list - or an expiry date shown maybe?

Anyone in the know that can help me with an answer?



Try to ask a IFVARB staff and they can give you a answer

**Try to pm @BluePanda900 and maybe he will have your answer

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Hi @Naz, a VA reservation typically lasts for 90 days. Please direct further inquiries to the dedicated thread below, thanks!

IFVARB Feedback and Questions


Thanks, I appreciate there is a space for it, I’m a few days off TL2 so can’t post in there quite yet. Apologies if I’ve upset anyone by dropping this in #live

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