VA recommendations

Hey I am planning to join another Va but I don’t know which ones I should join please give me your recommendations thanks.

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There’s no recommendations I would say, all they are good, some more actives than others.

Its your decision, you can pick the one that you like the most, the airliner you like the most and try to Join It :)


I don’t think we are allowed to promote VA/VOs on threads but if you want to join a VA, take a look at the VA Database


Hello, there are many places to find a VA, like the IFVARB VA Database. There is a “feeling lucky” VA generator too on the site, which randomly generates a VA for you if you’re undecided. Alternatively, feel free to check out the #live:va category.

Promotion of VAs aren’t allowed on the forums and should be avoided if possible.


I checked IFVARB and #live:va Before I made this thread

Hi there!

I’d suggest checking airlines you enjoy in real life, or just joining anything you may be interested in. You can always leave if you’re not happy with a virtual group you’ve joined, CEO’s and staff must cooperate with their pilots and one of their parts is to help people freely join and leave with no hassle.

Take a look below at lost of VA’s and VO’s linked by other members.


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long story short, it’s your choice. look at all of them, look into your preferences and see which va/vos align with your preferences and go from there

Definitely choose one that is an airline that you like IRL. If Singapore happens to be one of those, I can definitely recommend SVA to you :)

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