VA Recomendation Please

Hi, with new 3D airports now appearing around the Medditeranean, I’m keen to try a new VA in the area, that has flights to places like Porto, Gibralta, Athens, Madeira etc and also up to Basel, Paris ,Munich, London.

Does anyone know of a good option for me, thats got good activity please.

I’m asking for personal recomendations here, not links to the VA databases thanks 😉

Try looking at the VA category and threads to make your own decision. Recommendations here will just be biased.

-American :)

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I’ll take all the bias I can get please…


It’s not biased if it’s recommendations from their experience. Think of it more as a testimony telling OP their good experience with the airline.

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Trust me, check out some threads, websites, and more… then, make your decision.

I saw a mod close a topic like this saying this exact thing. Just trying to echo what he said to users.

Lots of European airlines fly to the airports you mentioned, most prominently EasyJet (EZYVA) and British Airways (BAVA).


Yes please… Ive joined a couple of VAs before based on looking through the threads and their websites, only to end up never bothering to fly for them because there was just nothing happening.

I’m just saying my opinion, but since those destinations are in Europe, you should look at a European VA

AFKLM for sure (yeah I’m biased so what) They do events every Tuesday and Thursday as well as a Career mode. They also have codeshare ROTW routes within Skyteam so that’s cool too.

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I’ve just checked and confirmed that British Airways and EasyJet are the only two airlines flying to all eight of the destinations you provided, so that would be your best bet.


Europe: BAVA, EZVA (See thunderbold message)
North America: AAVA, DLVA, and ULVA
South America: FGVA
Oceania: Qantas VA
Asia: Air China VA & ANVA
Africa: ETVA
Middle EAST: DVA

Those are the big airlines of these regions typically. I don’t want to get into specifics because then I am going to start being bias haha. I heavily suggest checking the database because all answers here will be bias. It is best for you to make your own opinion based on your own opinion. This list is merely some airlines I know of in each region, I am not going to promote any of them more than the other, in fact I am not promoting any of them. That is for you, and only you too decided.

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Thanks folks, its a good start. 😊

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BAVA Thread:

EZYVA Thread:

Both are great VAs that are active with pilots, have a great leadership team, and feature an expansive system of routes. I’d suggest checking out one of them, I’ve interacted with both, and they are incredible.


Lots of 3D airports here also for normal and codeshare routes. EI’s HUB (EIDW) will be 3D in 21.4


Also a great VA.


This is correct.

This is turning into an advertisement thread, which is why we have the site where prospective pilots can see approved VA/VO’s to operate on infinite flight.


See reply above ^^