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Hello. I am looking for a VA that is open to all airlines but specific route. Is there one if not, I will make one. If so, are there specific requirements that I need to talk to someone about? Thanks!

A list of all active VA’s can be found on the database below. I don’t think we have a VA that flies all of the airlines and just a specific route. Just about all of the virtual airlines will operate the fleet and livery that their real world counterpart will operate. We have a few virtual organizations and made up airlines. It might be worth messaging a VA that you’re interested in or looks like what might fit what you are looking for. If not, I’ll direct you over to the IFVARB Information Thread where you can contact an admin to get started on the process. Hope this answers your question/concern.


I would suggest searching and reading up on the topic in the VA category before just diving in. There is a wealth of information already available without creating a separate thread.


If I make one, can I just dive in or do I need to contact someone to make one?

Are you refering to something simular to Star Alliance? If so, then I think there are some already created, such as Bluewings Alliance. However you can create more alliances like Bluwings. Just speak with @BluePanda900 or @DeerCrusher to check if the alliance is available. And make sure its unique👍.

Contact @Danman if you’re VA is a made up one. See the attached quote:

To make one, you will have to apply, and you must have certain things down when you’re ready to apply. More information can be found here:

You won’t find a VA that has those specific requests of yours.

I want a VA that has specific routes each week with different aircrafts or airlines. Not on specific alliance or airlines. More diverse

Ok thank you very much

All information that is needed to begin a VA has been shared.

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