VA Posters mangement

Hello everyone
So you have a VA? A poster is definitely going to help. It could be used on topics, websites and much more. But making a professional-looking poster is not easy and that is where the VAPOM (VA posters management) comes in. We create professional looking posters for you with no cost. Here is a poster we made for the BA VA:

So, want a poster? Tell me these things:
-Name of VA
-The aircraft you want to use
-The airport you want to use
-The time of day you want
-Any other things
You could tell me these on a PM or on this topic. A website is coming soon


Hi, I’d like to ask a very simple question. Don’t take me rude.

Do you have an obsession with creating VA topics and organisations…?


No. I’m only talented in these things so, I want to do a favor to the community

We have something coming up.