VA Pilot Test

Hey guys, got a few things on here I wanted to say. First of all, can someone tell
Me a good list of Va’s I could apply to be a Pilot too? Also, the ones I have I’ve struggled on the test. Anyone know any resources with test information and training so I can learn all the ins and outs??? Thanks and best wishes!


When looking for a good virtual airline for yourself, think: what do I want from the group? Do you want a structured system with a global network? Or maybe a more free system with domestic/short haul routes? All of the current virtual airlines approved by IFVARB can be found at the attached link below.

Virtual airline entry tests won’t have you know everything about the organisation. You should brush up on your technical ability as a pilot, watching and reading tutorials found in the #tutorials forum section.

Good luck in finding the right group for you!



Look at the #live:va category and choose what airline(s) you want to apply to.

Use the #tutorials category for information.

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Hi @Alex_Olson,
It’s great to see that you are expanding your options by joining new virtual airlines. Virtual airlines are a great way to gain experience in the company of other aviators.
I am part of Qantas Virtual Group and while there is no entrance exam, it has plenty of resources that will help you gain knowledge of infinite flight procedures. I’d recommend applying here.

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