VA Photo Service

If you any VA owners or members need screenshots or Photoshops of Infinite Flight for your VA’s website, you guys can contact me.
I can do a lot of things ranging from changing backgrounds to adding effects (contrail, landing smoke, etc) to enhancements (sunset, night, daytime, sunrise, etc)


By the way, I’m looking for people to do this with me and eventually grow this into something big.
Contact me or PM me if you’re interested in helping me out

Hey! I already took you!

JK but your work is amazing.

I hope that my work improves going forward

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Hello there @Jompa I like your photos. I’m intrested. If You could Make Me some for Avianca Virtual It Would Be awesome

I’m going to need

  • Type (Screenshot or Photoshop)
  • Time of Day
  • Aircraft

If you need a Photoshop:

  • What you want me to edit in (change background, add lights, add smoke, atc)
  • Aircraft

If you’re asking me for multiple photos:

  • Your VA’s fleet
  • Type (Screenshot or Photoshop)

Hope this is good

This sounds like a great idea. I expect many VA’s to approach you for this :)

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thanks! :D

Here are some from AsianaIFVA


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