VA or VO

I am planning to open a VA which is fictional. So when applying do I click Virtual airline or Virtual organization ?

You would press VA, make sure you have read all the rules though before applying.

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As the airline is a fictional one, it’s not a VA. If the airline doesn’t exist IRL, then it’s a VO.

What is a Virtual Airline/Organization?

A virtual organization (VO) is a dedicated hobby organization that uses the Infinite Flight Simulator to model the real-world operations of an airline or group. Alternatively, the group may be an original one. This can include “ground school” training programs, event groups, flying clubs, and ATC groups as well as training flights in order for the VA to help provide further experience as well as to extend the skills of their members.

Quoted by the official IFVARB website

@Captainjayden you may select VO in the application.


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