Va not responding

I applied for Southwest virtual airlines 2 weeks ago and I still haven’t gotten an email yet. Does anyone have any info on this and has the happened to anyone else?


I also applied almost 4 weeks ago. At this point I am not expecting a reply, and if they do I will be withdrawaling my application. I do not want to be involved in a VA that does this, and have now become involved in other things in Infinite Flight. Have a good fourth!


I agree bro. I shouldn’t take this long to respond lmao. I’ll just fly for Sprit Va when they respond.

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I mentioned this in another topic about Southwest Virtual. You can message @VegasKing and see what is going on.

same I asked 1 month ago but im pretty sure southwest is already taken


I have also received complaints from different users in regards to overall activity of the VA. Will look into it ASAP!

Thank you and will keep you updated!

On behalf of the IFVARB Admin Team,


You ever think that maybe you weren’t eligible??? There are standards that VA’s possess you know… they dont just accept anyone and everyone you have to not only have the grade requirements, but you cant have certain amount of violations and you have to have proper flying etiquette… you Cant just apply and expect to be accepted

Same here, I tried applying and messaging a couple of staff members. No luck.

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Nevertheless, each applicant is supposed to receive a message even if their app is declined.


I dont think thats a requirement but aight… why would you want to go out of your way to tell someone they arent accepted??? Just seems a bit rude to me.

If they can fix something on their app, why not? From leveling up a grade or re-taking the written exam. VAs and VOs want pilots, but they must meet some requirements before they become a member.


Idk i just feel like common sense would tell me that if im waiting that long that its over and i would just move on to the next VA because something isnt right, wether that be not meeting requirements, or the VA isnt as active as it needs to be.

It’s just a professional way of doing things. Not really a waste of time. It’s nice to get some feedback on the application and see what could be changed in order to join their VA.

I know for a fact I meet all of their basic requirements in order to at least take the entrance exam and test flight, and have not heard back in weeks. This is the point we are making. They seem to be inactive in general.


I was in Spirit Virtual, and sadly, they shut down on July 1. There won’t be a response.

That’s what we are trying to check at the moment. Please everyone, give us some time to look into it and we will get back to you about it. 😊


Thanks @Thomas_G

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Do u think I’m stupid. Why would I apply to a Va and I’m not eligible. Common man have some sense

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Thanks for the info.

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New update about Southwest Virtual applications and contact requests below. All requests will be addressed after the coming relaunch. Thank you!

Hi everybody!

We are pausing our recruiting but still accepting waitlist applications. Please continue to apply, but all apps will be held until we do a relaunch due to a loss of active staff. We have to serve our pilots with our limited resources before we resume recruiting. We are rebuilding the staff team and will relaunch after!

I was traveling. Apologies for our being out of touch. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We will rebuild and be back to serve you soon!

Heart Sets Us Apart!

With LUV,

Chief Executive Officer
Southwest Virtual Airlines


Thank you for updating us!