VA not approved

Hello! It has been 72 hours since I applied. However, nobody has come back to me. My admin is @BluePanda900. I would contact him but he was last seen 4 days ago. Could someone please advise what to do?

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Do you mean starting the review process, or actually getting approved into a VA?

He might just, I don’t know, have a life? Give it a few days starting a VA isn’t an overnight process.


Getting approval (20% / awaiting admin approval)

Oh ok, that took me a couple days. Also in 72hours were you able to create a website, etc.?

I can definitely understand but I applied 72 hours ago and according to IFVARB an admin is supposed to contact me within 48-72 hours. 72 hours equates to 3 days. I’m not saying he doesn’t have a life outside of IF, please don’t get me wrong, but I was asking whether I should continue waiting or contact someone. I presume from your message and @Stellar_G’s message that I should continue waiting. So I will. And I thank you for your responses. So thank you!


Yup! I finished the website prior to applying :)

Wow nice! Hope you have a good road down to becoming a VA!

It takes time, it has been 50days since my VA got into that process, but nobody has reviewed us yet.

(PM me if you need any clarification about the process)

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Alright, didn’t realize they had set up the 72 hour thing. Probably is time to ask around then. I’m sure something came up and he had to miss a day or something, but I didn’t realize that it was within 72 hours, sorry probably shouldn’t have jumped in since it’s been a hot minute since I was involved with this process.

@BluePanda900 has stepped down from his role quite a while ago, are you sure you got the correct person?

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No worries, and once again, thank you for your response!

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Oh ok… the IFVARB website says that he’s the admin for European and African VAs

It usually takes 5-7 days for them to send you a PM, so patience is key in this process.

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I was kinda wondering this looking at his profile. Doesn’t mention IFVARB so I’d take it he isn’t the right guy unless he’s just shy about it.

Hmm I see… alright then I will continue to wait… meanwhile thank you guys so much for your help!

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Definitely, no worries. Either one of the 3 admins, Brandon_K, Danman or mwe2187 will get in touch with you soon.

Feel free to PM me if you’ve any other questions on the approval process too!

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Sure thing, will do if I have any questions :)

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I would also double check this page and make sure you have everything you need to be prepared for when they do contact you

And yes patience is key. The application process once an admin contacts you can take up to 3 months. Make sure you double check your website and that you have everything that you need.

Hope to see you in the VA world here soon.

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Hey mate, I have also recently applied for a VA, and it took about a week or so for an admin to get in contact, so you just have to be patient, IFVARB admins have lives outside the IFC as well ;) In this time I was able to get pretty much everything sorted for my VA, so I would say just make sure everything in your Ops Plan and Exp Statement are perfect, as well as your website.

Good luck with your VA :)

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Hey there! Yes ifvarb have outside life which can cause delays but hey we just have to roll with it but nevermind! and i hope everything goes well for your va!

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