VA long hauls

does anyone know what VA’s will let you start flying long hauls immediately when you join or with little hours


None I am pretty sure

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Makes sense
thanks mate 😂

Hey mate,

I’m not entirely sure of any VA’s off the top of my head, but I recommend checking out the VA/VO Database at and finding a Virtual Airline that interests you and then look up there requirements, which are usually either listed on their website or on their official thread, here on the IFC.

You might want to look at Dubai Virtual aka Emirates as they have a pretty large long haul network and if you don’t start doing long hauls you’ll still be starting on widebody Aircraft because that’s all they operate

Yes FedExVA will allow you to do Long Hauls immediately. The first flight I did was KMEM to RJAA 13hr

Some VA’s allow route of the weeks to be flown at the first rank, which could include long hauls

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El Al virtual has rank redirections however for the month of September there are none, they also have a ton of nice routes.


Hey there JP! I believe Qantas Virtual might allow you fly right way,
But as stated by Declan, be sure to check out!

Good luck and happpy flying!


I’ve previously been apart of Qantas Virtual (QVG) and this is incorrect. QVG do have a rank structure so you aren’t able to fly long hauls straight away.

QVG does however off routes of the week, where any rank is permitted to fly them so these are a good way to do long haul flights whilst also building hours up quickly to reach the required ranks to access aircraft in the Qantas fleet that fly long haul routes.

Alright then, my apologies, I’ve got to be more careful next time.

virtual easyjet. In this VA, you can fly a plane with a long duration after getting the rank of Second Officer or more than 5 hours. However, in my opinion, it is very difficult to find a VA/VO that allows its members to make long-distance flights when they have few flight hours on the VA/VO.

Best one in my opinion is FedEx you can do long hauls immediately, and they are very cool and friendly! The long hauls can be done at any rank and don’t have to be the route of the week!

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