VA Logos


Does anyone know of any good logo-creating websites? I want to give the “Alaska Adventures” events a better design and get more interest from pilots.




Thank you Jackson!

#4 also a good choice.


Try @PlaneCrazy .com

Not a real website just suggesting you DM him.

#6 is fairly good


Anyone else have suggestions?


Just make the logo with Photoshop. That is the best way


Photoshop is expensive and hard to use


It costs 50€ and is actually not hard to use


I don’t know what that translates to in USD


About 70$ i think


Yes, so for someone who does not have a lot of money, they don’t want to spend $70 on a program


I understand that. But you can use Photoshop for nearly everything. It is really worth it


I use this at work and for design the @ifcmagazine.

It costs about 48$


InstaLogo, that is what i am using, works just fine, but you should buy the Pro instead of lite


But Photoshop has more functions


I created that in 50 minutes with Photoshop.


Yes I know but It might be more cost effective

#20 is simple and effective. I use this for all of BAVA’s branding and marketing - to great ease and satisfaction!