VA Logo Help

I am looking at starting a VA when I get to TL2 and I need some help with a logo so I can start the process The Airline is American Patriot Airways if anybody wants to help then please help me also if this is in the wrong category then please let me know

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Hello! I’m pretty sure it would be in the #live:va instead if you can’t decide on a category.

@AviationChampion I am only TL 1 currently so I don’t have access to that category

@Ethan_Brown @AviationChampion I was able to switch it up for ya! Hope you find a great artist and get an amazing logo soon! Unfortunately, I am not a very talented artist myself, but I wish you the best of luck in your VA adventure.

@Marina Thank You Sir

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The Best logo go on my VA Instagram and later our website

Feel free to contact me in my DMS! I am a graphic designer and can help with logos!

I did graphic design and creative imedia at BTEC level and achieved an A grade. Happy to help; pm me :)

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