VA Logo Designer Wanted

Hello, to start off I am not sure where I should put this request. I do not want to clutter the #va thread. Feel free to recategorize this accordingly.

I was looking for someone to create a logo for a virtual airline that I am waiting to be approved. It is called Intercontinental Virtual Airways. I am dedicated to creating a great looking virtual airline, however I am not skilled in graphic design. Please personal message me if you could help. Thank you so much in advance!


dm me, i’m relatively experienced in photoshop and whatnot.


Wow! That was really quick. I hate to be particular but I don’t want the logo to be similar United Virtual becuase I don’t think it would look good as the COO.

I’ll try an whip something up for you!

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Thank you very much! 😊

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How’s this?


That’s great! Thanks very much!

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We can help you! Send us a private message!


I have a friend that design logos for company’s and trade mark. Firms and also worked for Tesla here at the Bay Area in California. Named Clifford. He is really good. And he is in my aviation maintenance classes. In the same facility at Oakland airport at the college of alameda. But I don’t know if he is on the IF community website let me give you his phone number and be sure to let him know that it was I NADIR A. HUSSAIN that gave you his phone number.(408)667-1062 Clifford- andif it wasn’t worth it i wouldn’t have texted you this message at all. I’ve seen some of his work and it was Mind blowing to the point that you won’t believe that he did it. Honestly speaking and good luck with your #live:va

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Can someone on the Community design a logo for me?

Name: Flap Flap Air

Try Clifford with the phone number mentioned above and mention my name to him. Nadir A. Hussain. He might just charge you though and his designs are mind blowing.

I wanted one on the community so i could get quick access to it, as i said above. 🙂

My deep apologies for that. Because there are experienced people on this website that can do magic.

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No ones going to join a VA called Flap Flap. Me and @Aussie_Wombat have already tried to tell you that 🤦🏻‍♂️


Yeah 🤷‍♂️, just saying…

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You don’t make logos in Photoshop. Period :((


Why not? What’s wrong with making it there?

Photoshop is bitmap. It’s meant for pictures (hence the name). Bitmap is when each pixel has it’s own color information, displayed on a computer screen.
That means if you scale it up, it will be blurred. You’ll see jagged edges, and it won’t look good AT ALL.

What you should make logos with is vector based software - e.g. Adobe Illustrator. In Illustrator, the colors aren’t defined by pixels, but by shapes, edges and curves. What that means is that you can scale it however you like, without affecting how it looks like. The file size is reduced dramatically. :)


Oooohh interesting. Thanks!

Well, I have done. And I have done for 3 years. If you want to tell me otherwise, then go ahead but I don’t care.

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