VA Logo Creation Services

Hi, for a while I’ve privately created VA logos for airlines such as British Airways VA, Red Wings VA, BOAC VA and now recently Island Air Hawaii.

From now on I will take requests from anyone who wishes for me to make logos etc.
(Please contact via PM to avoid spam)
Here are some new ones for IFES


I really like the Jet Blue one…it´s amazing.


British Airways Virtual logo looks great and even better on our website ! Thanks so much for making it for us , i highly recommend @Cas_ual for all your VA related logo creations :).


very creative!!

They all look really nice! Especially the JetBlue one.

What did you use to make them?

@ogilbey @Lolo31R Thanks :)
@PlaneCrazy Photoshop CS6

I made one for my profile and one for an airline I’m making:

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Nice, what did you use?

Microsoft PowerPoint

Is it an app or a PC program?

Photoshop? It’s a PC program

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Does TUI often have engine problems? Is it a joke?

No, just a little project I did.

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