VA liveries

I Was thinking if a VA could create a livery for their fleet.
It would be so cool rather than flying the generic livery


I’m sure some VA leaders will love this but honestly I don’t want to fly around in IF Live and see fake airlines zooming around. Maybe solo or free flight only for these aircraft


A lot of VAs are based on real airlines so that would be a bit pointless. Plus you’d get the odd weirdo that would find it appropriate to draw and design genitals for their fleet.


I would love this but at the same time I don’t. If yes they should make a VA server for them liveries only.


Maybe it has to be a legit VA (not ones with only 2 or 3 members) and only that VA’s pilots could fly the livery. I’d say they’d have to have each VA approved by FDS to make a livery to put on a plane. Kind of like an honor.


I agree in some ways

Maybe instead of blurting out random off putting comments that don’t contribute or add any positive contribution, you should offer some constructive criticism to make the idea better.


I am a generic-livery-VA’s management member myself, I still don’t support the idea.
Takes away Infinite Flight’s aim for realism at some point.


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I support this idea.
But also it looks a bit harsh to code as philippe said in New Dawn Continued post.

Maybe we could made our liveries with a text little editor that we may personnalize with fonts colours styles etc…

Maybe only allowed on a special VA server??

I have an original VA, I love this idea. For those who dislike this idea, perhaps a better idea than separate servers and stuff would be a setting that shows personalized liveries as either generic liveries or random liveries.

It would ruin the realism aspect of live to see a ton of unrealistic liveries flying around…


That’s why I say the Devs hand pick VA’s to get custom liveries, and only their pilots know how to get the livery.

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Oohh, the elitist squad. 😉

Yep. That’s a VA’s reward for being successful. It might encourage people to put time into their VA.