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Hi everyone,
I am @LegendaryRoro88 CEO at EVA Air Virtual. I recently loss my subscription, and I probably wouldn’t renew it until some time during the Summer (June, July). I will be needing some help with scenic aerial shots of EVA Air’s B777, B78X and A321-200 over Taiwan. (And one with all three lining up in a pattern if possible.) These will be placed in banners for our VA’s new IFC thread. I hope that any one of you will be interested in doing this favor for me, and lastly, thanks for reading this.


A VA CEO without a subscription, not a good look in my opinion.


I would love to help you out!

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Just lemme know if you can get me some of your pilots… ☺️

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Well soon, I will renew my sub. Also @Humars the former CEO, isn’t likely going to renew it, so yeah

Ok, @iJazzyman, @Luke_L (even if you are retired) and @Steve_Jiang are any of you interested?

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I would like to help you. I will send some photos to you :)

Thank you so much @Fung_Sum-sum. 感謝。

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Hey ! First I’m sorry for you that you can’t get a new sub… it’s only possible line up pics or some other pics in the air too? Basically flying over mountains for example.

Yes, and preferably the aerial shots include the natural sites of Taiwan.

You’re welcome

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