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How to create your own VA?

You just make it up in your head. Very simple.


I know, but like how do you make it official

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Hmm, okay!

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You can ask members that are running a VA for tips.

You could use [this] (How to make your VA stand out) as a guide, but I suggest, since there are already a lot of VA’s, do one of two things, either put a lot of work into it and finish all of its features before announcing your VA, or join [another VA] ( (TravelSky, Skyliner, etc) that’s larger to help keep the number of VA’s lower.

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Firstly take a look at this topic, this topic will run you through the basic outline and advanced info for your Virtual Airline. It should take you step by step.

Another thing, use Sketch Flight.

Sketch flight is currently free and won’t be for long. If I were you I would go an order, only if you need logo’s, livery designs, websites or a helper.

Always think of a way to make your VA unique if it is an original VA as there are just too many original VAs out there and also you will have to compete with the giants like Skyliner, TravelSky, etc…

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@AlotQuestions as well as looking at the thread started by @Skylines on how to start a VA, to choose your VA I would have a look at the available livery in IF for the various planes and then see if there is already a VA created for that livery. IF not then you have somewhere to start!

Example I don’t think either Hawaiian Airlines (B717 and B767) or Caribbean Airlines (B737) are claimed yet so one of those could be a starting place!

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