VA help please

I know abt the IFVARB website and stuff, but is there a VA that has a variety of aircraft that would be worth joining. If so pls drop it below

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AAVA has a ton

Ok let’s stop all of the promotion.

Most VO’s use all aircraft and any route you want for your flying, search around the forums for some VA’VO’s you like

Rather than turning this into an advertisement thread, you can check out the IFVARB VA/VO database and check around a bit. Each (or most) VA/VO’s has a website where you can check out their fleet (if applicable). Further more, check out #live:va


I’m AAVA staff 😆


If anybody has ideas can you PM me. So this isn’t advertisement!

Oh haha! Try Air Canada!

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I recommend just looking at the airlines that have the most diverse fleets, if the fleet is big then there’s a high possibility there is a VA along with it 👍👍

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Maybe South African or Ethiopian Virtual :)

Doesn’t look like a PM to me.

Feel free to take a look through the IFVARB website as you mentioned. Plenty of virtual airlines and organisations in there use a variety of different aircraft, and fly to multiple destinations across the globe.