VA Help // Photos & phpVMS

Hi, @kevirtual here, am planning for a military VA so will be needing a few photos of aircrafts such as the C-130 (any livery would do), generic 737 and 767, f18s and f16s.
Some can be blurred out if possible. I will contact IFVARB after the VA is settled.
Thanks in advance!
(Liveries from commonwealth air forces (RAF etc) are preferred, thanks!)

I’m also currently having issues with phpVMS, it tells me that I will need PHP 5 to run it but I am currently on 7.1.0. Any way of solving this issue?

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Thanks! Hope to see them soon!!



Here are some…


Thanks guys! Really appreciate it!

Here, I’m sorry if I’m not too good 😢


Haha! Great photos, I will find some use in it someday, but for now I am only looking into the aircrafts listed in the description! Sorry!!

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And I’m coming at you with a brand new video. Today, we’re gonna talk about ibis! Darned ibis

Hope this helps. I’m not sure what happened to the background

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Boeing 737-700

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Some C-130 screenshots. Best I could find.


Anyone can help? @QantasVirtualGroup @InFly

You need to change the folder permissions also your server doesn’t support the correct PHP ver.

Sadly , phpVMS is no longer being updated , This means the System is not able to run on PHP 7 the latest version supported is , PHP 5.5 (PhpVMS 5.5.X Simpilot) I would recommend changing hosts , I Would recommend , I use this for my website creating (I set up and Modify and Maintain websites for VAs For Free! Pm Me if interested).

Good luck with phpVMS!


Thanks a lot. I will see what I can do.

Can I be an Event Manager?

Sorry, we haven’t contacted IFVARB about this and hence, our applications are not opened to public yet.

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