VA flight logger (Request)

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for someone to make/link me to a software that can track flights made by members,
This is really hard to explain, it basically can record your flight statistics then automatically give you points based on them, which can then show what rank you are.

It can also display members of the VA on a map.

Basically, I need something that can run a VA, without anyone at the controls.

If anyone has the ability to do this or know a software which can be reliable, please PM me.

If someone knows what I’m talking about, please put it down in the comments below to make it sound more simple

I put this in general because It isn’t something to be implemented into IF so its not a Feature

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There is a software program called phpVMS which various Virtual Airlines use for what you need. The pilots still need to enter the PIREP but the system calculates points and ranks etc.

Thanks David, can always rely on you ;)
I’ll have a look

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Maybe something similar to what is for FSX?

I have some suggestions for you, as I am president of a Virtual Airline.

Your first and best option is phpVMS. phpVMS has website skins that are specifically designed for virtual airlines. Some of the incredible features include
-Schedules: Your pilots can put bids in for routes that you have provided (routes for your VA)
-Advanced Pilot Report Systems: After a pilot completes their flight, they can go to their flight bids, and directly file a Pilot Report from their flight bid. The just have to enter their flight time, fuel used, aircraft, etc.
-Pilot Roster and Ranking System: Create ranks for your pilots to move up and earn awards. Also find an easy to navigate pilot roster with all your registered pilots. After pilots register, their name pops up on the list of “Newest Pilots” There is also a list for “Latest Pilot Reports”
-attach LiveFlight right to your website for your pilots to use
-and many other awesome features that are a Virtual CEO’s dream!
I cannot tell you exactly how to set it up, because I am still trying to figure that out myself :P, but it requires web hosting and domain hosting. There are free and paid hosting services.
Here is an example of a phpVMS website used for an Infinite Flight virtual airline, although some features are only available to registered pilots, such as Schedules:

Your other option is to use a free website host like Wix or Weebly. There aren’t obviously as many features as a Virtual Airline website by phpVMS, but it is good for an airline starting out.
A was to still have Pilot Reports is to attach a form in to your website. You can create all your custom fields such as name, email, date, flight time, etc, and attach that into your website. You would just have to manually keep track of your pilots flight times on a spreadsheet or something. You can also make a form for Pilot Applications, etc.

I wish your airline the best of luck!


Thank you, could you PM me regarding your virtual airline, I’m trying to get a event started, but we don’t have many players who are committed, maybe we could merge

For the event of corse, not the airline

And I forgot to tag you @Tristin_Woolf

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@ColonelJeff I am a CEO of a virtual airline. Please pm me when you have a chance.