VA - do they bring more to the IF Experience?

Hi guys, I’m fairly new to the community however I’ve been flying on IF for quite a while now (I have about 45hours that I squeeze around my real life).
Do virtual airlines bring anything extra to the IF experience? Are many still active and how do they work?
I also stumbled upon an app that gives you passenger “opinion” and allows you to earn “money”, do any of you use it and if so is it worth the £1.99 price?

Thanks, Mags
(MAG885-IF callsign)


VA’s bring you another community, not everyone likes it but a lot do. they also provide events and people to fly with. Try joining one see if you like it, if not you can always leave.


the passengers app doesn’t give you any IF mpney or anything. It rates your landings and flights and you can manage an airline, (profit, fleet etc) VAs definitely add to IF, they add realism and add meaning to fly