VA Dictionary (For new users of the IFC)


So are you a new user? Yes? Well there’s a possibility of you not knowing what a VA is. A VA stands for Virtual Airline. In every VA you’ll see a notice/note that’s says “We are not afflicted with the real airline” this is meaning that they aren’t the real airline for example Northwest VA isn’t afflicted with the real Northwest Airlines or its merger Delta Airlines. In every VA there’s a team of staff members that will help you with any problems on the VA you may/might encounter.If when you are a Pilot/Staff you’ll have a callsign like this Northwest 001 (Staff) or if you’re a pilot Northwest 111. At the bottom of your profile you’ll find that you’ll have a callsign space of your VA callsign and your VA callsign space.

If you’ll want to join a VA use this link

If you want to create a VA use this link

So you now know what a VA is you have now reached the end of the VA dictionary

Please ensure that you’re a TL2(Member) user before taking part/creating a VA

Thanks for reading


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