VA Crewcenter Hosting

So I want to make a VA…

I want to design the website itself on weebly, but I can’t find a good FREE crewcenter application or site. If anyone would be able to help, that would be awesome!



@ChrisToxz should be able to help I believe.

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Either you will need to pay, make your own, or search really hard. Not many are free. However, if you want some help. I got you.

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If you want free then the best thing would be to use Airtable and you can set up a from that will auto log hours after the form is filed.


That one from Chris isn’t free, although, I suggest PHPVMS, completely free.

(It’s just that you need to pay a tiny little fee to make your website “online”. There are some really cheap ones under €1)

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You can use phpVMS its totally free, you can either use a paid domain hosting and/or gain a free domain from certain places


Hi @Alec

This is a popular question amongst the Virtual Airline community.
Some you will have to pay for such as VaBase but others you need to know how to set up. Fortunately, there are some members of the community who do know how to. Others may be in Beta Testing such as IFBase, from someone who has used and has expereince working with that software, I’d recommend you check it out.

I also advise you check this thread to get more of an idea who uses what, what CC’s are out there, who do you contact etc.

Hope this helps,


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Hey, I make Crew Centers 100% for free, feel free to message me.


VAM is free (like, completely free). It’s the one that @UnitedVirtual uses. The only thing is that it isn’t produced anymore, and if you do find a copy of it online, you need someone who knows how to code to set it up.


Hey there! If you ask somebody to do it, you’ve gotta be willing to pay for the coffee! On a more serious note, I recommend PHPVMS and VAM (Virtual Airline Management). You do need a little knowledge on domain hosting, SQL, php and general internet stuff (port forwarding, firewalls etc). If you don’t know this stuff, then it’ll be like walking blind into a minefield!

You can always ask somebody, if you do need any help I can always help set it up if you would like. Please PM me if you do!


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@Alec There is only 1 completely free crew center that I know of. That is VAM (the one that @UnitedVirtual uses), but as I have said on countless other crew center topics, it is no longer produced, and if you find a copy of it somewhere online, you will need to find someone that knows how to code to be able to set it up.


That’s inaccurate info. PHPVMS is free and there is plenty of free hosting sites. Check out @KaiM post above

@Will_Ford_Jr technically, it’s not inaccurate because I didn’t know, hence the reason I said this:

Also, I saw @KaiM’s post.

To be fair he did say it 1 post ahead of your original post. Have a good evening

It would be appreciated if we can get back on topic. Those discussions aren’t needed.


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