VA Competition Event @ KCLT - 212230ZMAY16

Server: Advanced

Region: Charlotte

Airport: KCLT

Time: 2200Z

Day: Saturday, May 21st

NOTAM: Welcome to another VA competition event! In this event, you will be showing off your VA. You will each choose a starting airport. That is where your VA will start. Keep in mind, that we will be landing at Charlotte Douglas so stay close to Charlotte Douglas, but not to close. Enjoy!


-Most Pilots
-Safest Flying
-Safest/Best Taxiing
-Safest/Best Landings
-Safest Organization
-Honarable Mentions

Every VA that shows up WILL win something

List of all VAs and their airports in order of selection:

PortSide Air - TBD

Thanks guys, please show up! (Kind of disappointed that only 2 VAs showed up last time :(


If you are willing to be ATC for KCLT, please PM me for the details!

Can you explain this part? Thanks :)

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Well, its simple!

Since there are only 5 awards, and most likely, more than 5 VAs (going to) compete(ing), they will receive honorable mention as an award. In this case, only 1 award per team. In a case like last week’s event, with only 2 VAs, the awards were split amongst the 2 teams. :)

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Ok and if IFM would attend, how wouDL safe flying apply? 😅

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Well, I don’t think IFM is qualified … technically … even though they are a VA, I don’t get, like you said … IFM could possibly be best landings, and safest flying! They are fighters! Also, they have to be commercial … but I don’t have a problem looking in this for future VA Competion event! Maybe the one at KJFK :)

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Ah ok. Sounds great :)

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No fighters allowed, except for escorts, or for spectating. It would be too dangerous! Fighters fly way faster, and harder to preform actions with approach, such as speed requests. So ONLY COMMERICIAL and Private VAs only!

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At least I can represent Hopper

#Time Change: 2200Z -> 2230Z

I will represent Thomas Cook va

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I can make it

Everyone please report to your airports!

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Guys, don’t takeoff yet!

I am just gona spectate

Why don’t you want to fly? Every VA will win something!

Are you guys still there?

Yep, waiting for people to join :)