VA Competition event @ EGLL - 161200ZAPR16

Of course, I shall be doing this as soon as possible!

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Damn, I can’t make this.

Count me in @hmkane

Can I ask, what is VA stand for

The Virtual Airline TravelSky occupies the gates
102, 104, 106, 108, 110, 112, 109 and 105!

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Virtual Airline.
Only if you’re part of a VA and it competes in the event, you can join the event.

Check these threads:

Thank guys

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You’re welcome!

what parking

Just do whatever parking you want.


okay im cook000 and im the only 1 from my airline :)

I am POSA1


Is there anybody in you va yet?

I will be American 815

Guys spawn at the second hate down.

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where we flying to

Just copy my FPL it is exact to what the maker of this event made for it.

You didn’t really read my post, did you?

Who in the world is TSKEVENT???