VA Competition event @ EGLL - 161200ZAPR16

Server: Advanced server

Region: London Area

Airport: EGLL

Time: 1200Z

NOTAM: VA’s come to compete! It’s a friendly VA challenge to see who can get the most pilots there! Get as many pilots from your VA to come and your VA will win. Contact @hmkane to register your VA. Pardisair challenges Delta Virtual, BA Virtual, TravelSky, and Skyliner!

Flight information;

Cruising altitude: FL 040
Cruising speed: 240 knts


As you can see with the images provided, we shall takeoff at EGLL, from RWY27R, proceed to a southerly departure, touch-and-go at RWY08R, head back up north, and come back round again to land RWY27L.
If the winds change, simply reverse the FPL in order to obtain a RWY09R takeoff, a southerly departure towards the west of the map, come in for a touch-and-go at RWY26L, then come back north again for a landing at RWY09L. You will be informed 15 minutes prior to the event on this page, about the active runways and which direction to fly the FPL in. All the waypoints are listed in the last FPL image provided to you.

If you have any questions concerning the technicalities [such as the date, time, FPL…] please PM me. If, however, you have a question concerning the event itself please contact @hmkane for more details. We look forward to seeing you there, and may the skies be ever in your favour!


-Hisham OMAR

Special thanks to :

Proud Sponsors: IFES - Infinite Flight Escort Services @AnnieCorp_Inc


on a Saturday! count me in!!

Who will you fly for? Your VA has to register via the owner sending me a PM😉

Yikes, I do not know. @americanairlinesif are we participating because if not I’ll fly for Skyliner(@B767fan)

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@grxninesix @BavariaAVIATION @The_simulation_nerd come on buys, lets do this.


Circles head around shoulders, streches arms, knuckles fingers
Alright TravelSky, let’s do this!


Send me the application! I’m ready for it!

What are the logistics of this event?

Idk it’s more of an original va thing tbh

It’s a competition between VA’s!
Catagories are:

  1. Most Perticipants
  2. Widest Viretity of Fleet
    More Info On These Catagories and How They Will Be Judged Will Come Soon!

@grxninesix, @BavariaAVIATION, @The_simulation_nerd, one of you needs to PM me to register TSK.

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@ColonelJeff, @Delta_Virtual, Paradisair has also challenged you guys! Come on, don’t be afraid to register! Also, Paradisair partners (Hopper Airways, CityHopper IF, Portside, Royal Air Virtual) you’ve also been challenged!

If you have a suggestion for a category to be judged on, tell me, I probably will use it!

Thanks for the invitation.

I’ll start pushing emails out to our pilots and I’ll see who’s available, but even if nobody can make it, I’ll try my best to be there.

It’s the last day of holidays for Brtish People and that tends to mean homework day but I’ll try convince most of our pilots to come along

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I didn’t know there were holidays in Britian soon. What are they? (I’m american😉)

Not sure, just a random half term holiday.

Two weeks off,

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I’m on Easter holidays and those lasts for 3 weeks! And it hasn’t even been a week yet :)

Yeah, I’m on Sprig Break

Will be there

I’ll most definitly be there! Come on Travelsky boys!

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