VA Community Escalation Policy

VO Community Escalation Policy

There is significant overlap between virtual organisations (VOs), the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board (IFVARB), and the Infinite Flight Forum (IFC). Each group or location covers different jurisdictions and works together to ensure that all aspects of our worldwide community can feel safe. For more information on the overlap of jurisdictions, please visit this topic:

This policy covers the process of escalating issues that happen within virtual airlines or the wider IFVARB network.

If you experience an issue within a VO, moderators and staff are not responsible for this. VOs are independent of Infinite Flight and operate under their own rules and regulations to that of the IFC. This is governed by the IFVARB.

Issues that can arise within a VO include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Arguments and verbal disagreements
- Bullying and intimidation
- Fake accounts, impersonation, and spam
- Disputes over flight time, ranks, and other VO activity

If you experience any of these from another VO member and you wish to report it, please follow the following process:

1. Reporting it to your VO leaders and staff team

2. If needed, they will then pass it on to the IFVARB admin team who will investigate the issue

3. If there is a severe case that the IFVARB team feel may cause the IFC to be unsafe, or a safeguarding issue is raised, either the IFC moderation team or the safeguarding team will then be brought in

There are several key aspects to the above:

  1. VO leaders and staff must be the first point of contact for all issues. It is the responsibility of these leaders to run, manage, and deal with issues in their virtual airline. Failure to properly do this can result in VOs closing

  2. The IFVARB leadership and admin teams are not there to deal with all issues. You must have shown an attempt to deal with the issue as the VO level before escalating to the IFVARB teams

  3. The IFC moderation team does not oversee the rules of the IFVARB. The IFVARB will only escalate to the IFC moderation team when a serious issue of safety, discrimination, or harassment is found and they feel that community members may be at risk

  4. Please do not bring issues directly to moderators on the IFC. All communication must go through your VO leaders and staff teams first


Safeguarding is the process of protecting children and vulnerable adults. We have recently introduced new policy on this, and all staff and moderators have been briefed on how to use this and work with it. You can read our policy by heading to:

Safeguarding Policy | Infinite Flight

Disclaimer: Infinite Flight accepts no responsibility for issues within VOs or the IFVARB. These groups operate independently of Infinite Flight, and taking part in them is at your own risk. Infinite Flight permits these groups to use the IFC as long as they adhere to the ToCs on this forum and further accepts no responsibility for content posted by these groups


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