VA Codeshare confusion

Hi guys
I have a question. If a real world airline is a codeshare/interline partner with another airline but not codeshare/interline partner with the other airline’s virtual airline, does the first airline require to be codeshare/interline with the other airline in IF in order to fly their routes?

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You should always contact the other VA’s staff to codeshare.

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@Altaria55 I did but they did not respond

How long has it been and which VA?

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I am the CEO of Pakistan Intl’ VA. Pakistan Intl’ Airlines is a codeshare partner of Turkish Airlines and Etihad Airways in real life. I contacted their CEOs but got no response so I was wondering if my pilots could fly their routes

Did you contact the VA accounts or the CEOs directly?

Hey @Ibrahim_Asif

If you make any agreements with the Virtual Airlines you want to codeshare with then you can start to use them for your pilots as well. But unfortunately Your VA isn’t IFVARB approved yet. So make sure to get your VA approved first and then start with your codeshare agreements. Hope this helps.


Hello @Ibrahim_Asif,

Reviewing your info for Pakistan International VA - we currently do not have an IFVARB certified VA for Pakistan, as such you would not be able to create agreements until that happened.

Information on how to get certified is available on our website at


I contacted the COEs directly

@mwe2187 @AkinSLR
Yes, my VA has not been approved yet. I have done almost all of the work required for it but am waiting for my 90 day time period to end so that I can start the application process

Sorry to say but most Virtual Airlines that have been approved by the IFVARB will also only codeshares with other approved members. I would advise till you have finished the process (been approved) then you contact them with your airline info

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Oh, okay. Thank you all for your help

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