[VA Closed Until After Christmas] Frontier’s Cross Cultural Christmas

Server: Expert

Region: Saint Louis!

Airport: KSTL

Time: 2000Z

Aircraft: Airbus A320 or Airbus A318 (Frontier liveries only)

Arrival Airport MMSD (Cabo San Lucas)


Frontier Virtual Airlines is proud to have flights within various destinations outside the United States. Join us as we celebrate ur relationship with Mexico 🇲🇽 as we fly down through their land and over to Cabo San Lucas (MSJD). We thought you might want to escape the cold of winter, so where else better to spend it then on the coast of beautiful California peninsula!

Vital Inflight Information:

Cruising Altitude: FL380
Cruising Speed: Mach 0.77 - Mach 0.80 (depending on what you desire and how spacing is working)
Flight Plan: KSTL - MMSD
Fuel Needed: 6.5 Hours Of Fuel in case we decide to take a scenic route



Sign me up :), Id be happy to participate :) Any specific gates or is it public?

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I’ll assign you a gate and I’ll notify you when it’s up in our event form :)

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Our event sign-up form is now available here:

Our events manager is available here to view gate assignments:

Thank you good sir :)

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I’ll be there, the time will be perfect for me.

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Welcome aboard friend of mine ;) reserve that gate.

If you’re interested we have plenty of gates for this relaxing cruise down to Mexico! We’d love to have you fly onboard with us.

We have a good number of pilots showing up! dont be that last one who wishes they’d gotten a good gate before the good ones were taken ;) hit that link to sign up and I’ll meet you at Saint Louis tomorrow at 2000Z.

Event is now only 4 hours out. We are filling up gates fast with 12 pilots so far. If you’d like to attend and celebrate Christmas by soaring the skies of Mexico. Please drop a comment reserving a gate and fill out the form BELOW. Thanks guys!

Please @ the pilots when time to spawn in! That would be very helpful

If you’re in our VA I’ll tag you there, if not I’ll tag you here if I remember to :D


Which frontier livery do we need? Or is it our choice?

It is completely your choice. But when you spawn in an see maybe 5 of the same livery as you, try and pick a different one to get some variation going.

Okay thanks! Also, what’s the flight plan? It only says the arrival and departure airports in the description, is that all we need?

When you spawn in, look for FFT508 and copy the flightplan that he has.

Will do. Thanks for the info!

My pleasure sir. Welcome aboard!

I just signed up as guest at whatever gate works.

Edit: just saw I was assigned C34. Thanks!

I have given you the gate C34. We spawn in in roughly 45 minutes :)

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