VA checklists/tips

Hi I’m going to show you VA owners/co-owners how to make appropriate checklists for your pilots

NAV lights off
Becon lights on
Flight plan made
No smoking on

Seatbelts on
pushback approved
flaps 2(airbus) | flaps 15(boeing)
spoilers checked
breaks off

Taxi to rwy __ approved
Landing lights on
trim 20%
strobe on

Takeoff Approved
trim 26%

Gear Up
Strobe lights off
NAV lights on
flaps up
trim up
landing lights off

Spoilers Armed
flaps 3

Gear down
flaps full
breaks on
nav off
landing lights on
strobe on
becon on
Locking up
breaks on
flaps 0
trim 0%
spoilers off
becon off
landing lights off
seatbelts off

Securing Aircraft
No smoking off
strobe lights off
end flight


  1. Work on a website VIA weebly or wix
  2. Have a Pilot Priep system
  3. Have a communication system VIA Slack or Discord
  4. Consider an ACARS system
  5. Don’t have KLAX as your hub
  6. Have many routes
  7. Have a logo
  8. Have a relyable fleet (Consider using something other than the A380 or 737-7)
  9. Don’t PM everyone, they will come to you

Go check out the Virtual Airlines Database


really helpful! but don’t you turn your strobe lights on when ready to take off?


no they are for taxi


ah ok, thanks for your help. i was mistaken.

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Flaps 20 for Boeings on takeoff is a bit much isn’t it? Between 5-15 would do depending on the length of the runway.



Strobe lights are used when on an active runway.


well I saw in another checklist telling me that

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Read this if you’re confused.

Or check the FAA manual of aircraft operations and systems.


Ok I will take it off and check my manule

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I fixed the links, now they work

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Flaps 20 is something you would use to slow down rather than take off. For takeoff you want your flaps at 10 and your trim at 10%. Also, Strobes are only used when taxing across runways or when entering runways so other aircraft know your there. And Landing Lights are only used on landing or takeoff.


Strobes aren’t taxi lights, on the contrary you don’t usually taxi with them on, you fly with strobes on. @Sam1

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  • NAV lights are turned on once you have taxi clearance.

  • Landing lights are usually turned on once you’re ready for takeoff at the hold short line, strobes only when on a runway or airborne.

  • You don’t necessarily need trim.

  • You can’t put Trim ‘up’, you can only set it to 0%

  • Not all aircraft land with full flaps

  • You don’t set brakes for landing. You activate them once you get to the 60kts-limit when you mustn’t use reverse thrust anymore

  • Beacon lights should always be on unless you’re shutting your plane down to cold-and-dark state, which is not possible in Infinite Flight, so beacon lights, always on

  • PIREP, not Priep

  • I don’t think how having KLAX as your hub is something you shouldn’t do, you just shouldn’t operate in totally pointless region when managing a real world VA (e.g. Southern California with EasyJet or airberlin)

  • I don’t see how the A380 or 737-700 are not reliable planes. Explain further…

  • ‘Don’t PM everyone, they will come to you’ - Says the one who sent me a PM telling me that I should join the EasyJet VA.

Perhaps leave things like checklists and VA tips to those who have at least sort of an idea.


I stopped doing that

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5 wasn’t necessary. Most airlines have klax as a hub

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yeah, VA owner my Vas hub is at EDSS whats yours other VA owner Mine is at KLAX like 87% of the other VA’s

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Pretty sure it’s 1+F on Airbus with that setting.

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