VA category gone

Why has the VA thread gone?


not sure if is intentional or a glitch.

Click where it says “Categories (10 more)…”

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it’s not there ethier

Look at the #live category.

Send a screenshot please as


Click on the Categories link, it seems to be a sub-category under there now.

As you can see on the top it says ‘10 more’ like the others said.

I can see the VA category in the Live catagory but not as a shortcut like you picture above.

Those categories are displayed by how many unread posts you have left. It’s not fixed. As I said, if you scroll to the #live section, you can find the #live:va category.

what an awful UI change. now i have to click 2 times where i used to have click once.

Discourse update, nothing the mods can do about it for now.

FDS are currently looking into this issue. Hopefully resolved soon! Thanks :)