VA callsign

Can someone help me please?
I want to join VA and when i try and put my callsign that i have in game (ex. Airbus 1234) it says invalid callsign format, how do i fix that? Can someone help me please.

what callsign do you put?

I put my in game one

I think it should be a Easy call sign with a VA at the end, that’s what all VA’s do

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Something like this Easy 05VA

Oh ok so i create callsign?

Yes, Just look at my example

Oh but i dont have that in my profile

But you can change it

How? I dont see any button

Um just press your call sign and should come up with lots of airlines and ga callsigns

Go to IF settings on ‘Live’

Not IFC settings

Ohh i found it when i click profile, thank you so much for help.

That’s alright, PM me if you need anymore help.

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Also, delete your picture or I will see your email 😂

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Ok 😂 i will, thx for help

Hmm now i changed it in IFC settings but it still doesnt work when i put it in VA application, where is that Live thing that you said?

Just PM me and we can sort it out

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