VA Callsign Question

I will get to the point.

Would I use LOT120VA or LOTVA120 as my callsign in my profile, and what should I use when flying?

You would use the callsign that you would fly with. So Lot 120VA

Edit: I have to change mine lol

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Ok thanks. I was confused cause I saw some people with the VA before the numbers, and some after.

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Depends on the VA’s jurisdiction. In your case, it would be best to ask LOT VA’s staff team for the most accurate response :)


They have a mixture of both VA before and VA after (at least in the discord)

Yeah, that’s something I can explain because well, I’m not in LOT VA and am not familiar with their operating procedures. If I were you, I’d send a message in their respective communication platform to a staff member or ask in their discussion channels - there’s no harm in doing so.

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Probably VA after because VA before is not a valid callsign. Likely the VA before was the old callsign

Like in United some still use UVALxxx on discord but in flight it’s United xxxVA.

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Thought I saw a topic about that but just wanted to be sure. Thanks.

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