VA call signs

So I have multiple VA’s I’m part of. When I’m flying, how do I ensure that the proper call sign is showing?
Ie: AB106VA was showing instead of my FDX87

When you pause your game, your callsign should be displayed in the top right corner of the screen, together with your IFC name and the grade that you’re in. If that needs changing, you can always go into the settings menu, change your callsign and see a “draft” copy of your callsign on the bottom of your screen before pressing “OK”, where your callsign would actually show to the rest of the planes in your vicinity.

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I was watching the replay. And saw the name above the plane [ABVA] instead of [FDX]. My actual name was correct though.

The replay will display what you currently have set, that information won’t be accurate in the replay.

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If you’re referring to the VA affiliation, that’s something that you’ll have to change manually in the settings page of your IFC account, on the IFC itself. You can always make sure that it is correctly set by looking at the summary tab of your IFC account, where it should look something similar, if not the same as this.

Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 22.13.07

However, the replay should display the affiliation that you currently have, which means that if I changed from MHVA to ABVA, for example, it should show as ABVA in replays, regardless of whether I flew with the MHVA, ABVA or any other tag for that matter.


@LordWizrak Do you Need to Change your affiliation when flying other VA’s? Say. Mine is WSVG but I fly ACVA More as they are Active as well as QVG

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