VA Booking Interest Poll

Hi guys,

Recently I have seen more VAs bring in a booking option for “Virtual Passengers” (People not apart of the VA eg IFC members)

And I am wondering how many of you guys are/would be interested in booking a flight with a VA.

If you don’t know what booking is, here is a quick brief summary -

  • #1 Book one of the VAs flights using the VAs Booking forms (Google forms etc).

  • #2 Receive confirmation of booking and receive a customised boarding pass (depending on the VA).

  • #3 Your flight takes to the sky and you are able to track it through LiveFlight or fly along side it.

  • #4 Flight/Booking is completed and you can earn frequent flyer points etc (depending on the VA)

Heres the poll (Its anonymous) -

  • Yes, I am Interested in booking a flight with a VA
  • No, I am not Interested in booking a flight with a VA

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Thanks for voting, I appreciate it!


Also apologies if this is in the incorrect category


This is the wrong category, I think this should be moved to #live:va.

And unfortunately you have to be a VA to post in that category. But this is a good topoic so let’s hope the mods move and keep it.

EDIT: I just read his summary and he is Staff at good old Qantas Virtual. I can assume they made this poll to see if they should make a booking system or not.


So at first I was confused about the concept and point of Virtual airlines- however I’ve come to understand it a little better and they’re more or less clubs in the community.

Now I’m even more confused about the point of booking a flight with a VA…

Could someone explain it to me so I have better understanding as to what it does for me?

If your are confused, feel free to PM me, I would be more than happy to help you out. I am the CEO of WOW virtual, and we have a booking system so I know all about it


To be honest, I do not really understand. But, if people are interested, why not?

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I really do like booking because I think it’s a key aspect to a ‘Virtual Ailrine’ its that important, if you do have it then great
many people do enjoy booking.


Southwest Virtual Bookings website has a good layout to explain it -

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in addition to making a booking system, I make a FAQ page all about it for the community on my VA’s website


Southwest Virtual has a wonderfull booking, I am a Southwest ‘Freequent Flyer’, I believe most Booking systems would be like Southwest. Howerever, If a Virtual Airlines decides to add a booking system it should be freequent in checking it everyday. Take the example of Southwest, they have a booking department.


Definitely agree :) ,
I’ll have a think about it 👍

The idea is great, involves the community into your VA.

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That is why I made a booking system. To bring WOW virtual and the IFC closer

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Same here with mine.

Looks like its around 50-50 on the poll

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I’dd like you add this with Qantas virtual!

This is for Qantas virtual. The guy who posted this is the marketing manager for QVG. You can see it in his profile. Sorry QVG if you want me to delete this post just PM me. Didn’t mean for any hate, just pointing something out.

This poll can be used for any VA including Qantas Virtual :)

I just wanted to get a general idea of how many community members are interested in booking with VAs and if there’s a significant demand for it at the moment etc 👍

And yes this may also be something for Qantas Virtual and other VAs in the future

Man the results are close…

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Almost 50-50!

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