VA benefits

I got invited to a VA yesterday and i never really understood what a VA actually is. Can someone explain what it is and what are the benefits if there are any?

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Sure! A VA is a group of pilots that fly for the virtual airline. So really what is a VA though? A virtual airline hosts many opportunities to engage within it such as events, new people, codeshares and more. You usually depending on the VA log flight hours and work yourself up the ranks as a real pilot does. It is an amazing way to log flight time and working your way up the ranks and unlocking new stuff within their program. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


Adding on to what Asher said, Virtual Airlines are great ways to meet new people, try new things, and make some great friends. Working you way up through the ranks, traveling the virtual skies, all along with new friends from all over the world with you, is an amazing experience. If it weren’t for Virtual Airlines, I wouldn’t have met 90% of the people whom I call friends today. I’d definitely recommend engaging in the VA world.


My simple brain just considers it like working for an airline but in IF. You should definitely join one


I got invited to phillipine airlines so i will join thank you :)


I accepted the invite looking forward to it thank youuu


It’ll be an awesome experience! Enjoy!


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