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As someone who is quite entrepreneurial by nature, and who enjoys creating and running businesses, I figured creating a VA might be a challenge that suited me quite well. It will allow me to combine two of the things I enjoy in an environment that encourages community - awesome…

I started digging through the VARB information which is fine, whilst taking part in an active VA where I am finding out more about how the online IF community work together. Working from the list of VAs on the official database I spent a few hours doing some research on some of the other Airlines featured in IF to see what opportunities may exist for a new VA. Having identified one or two that I would like to follow up on, I then subsequently discover threads in the VA forums for those VAs, even although they are not listed on the databases??

If a VA is not listed on the database, can it be assumed that the VA is no longer active, and as such available to start a new one?

Also, if there is an ‘Original VA’ that’s based on routes of a RW airline, would it be frowned upon to start a VA around the RW airline in question?

Sorry for posting in general, however being relatively new here I haven’t got the credentials to post in the VA threads, but figured the people with the info and answers might be looking in here also.




Hi! Welcome to the IFC.

Some VA’s aren’t listed on the Database for several reasons, it could be that the CEO hasn’t provided a statement to the thread managers. The IFVARB try very hard to include VA’s into the database, all 52 of them, roundabout. And new ones are joining weekly, so they are working over time. If not provided, they haven’t added the info on the Database.

I know for a fact that my VA, All Nippon Virtual, is fully approved and has a thread, however is not on the Database, that doesn’t not hinder our progress in anyway

Virtual Airlines do not hold a monopoly on a route, same go for aircraft. You can not claim an aircraft, say your VA flies the A320, you can not claim that for yourself. As for starting a VA based on a RW Airline, using their routes, that would be fine, however staying in communication with the VA, if applicable, would be noted, as to not infringe on making a duplicate VA.

Hopefully, I’ve answered some of your questions. I should note that I am not an IFVARB Member or Admin, and I do not know everything about how the VARB runs the database and request such as these, I am going off the information I have gathered over my time here.

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Thanks Connor,

You have helped, I appreciate it.

I’m guessing the new website might have an updated database listing etc. I realise that applications are suspended at this time, but for someone like myself who is happy to start working on organising things ready for an application, the more info available on current VA/VOs the better.

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