VA applying, no reply back

Hello, I have applied for a virtual airline, but never been replied back it’s been more than 25 hours.

Hi there,

#support is exclusively for app issues only. Thus I’ve moved this topic to #live

VA’s may have various wait times to hear back, some being 24 hours, other 48, 72 etc etc. Your best bet is to check if any wait time is listed, and if not, you may opt to reach out the the VA via their official thread, or in their IFC DM’s.


I putted support but idk why it choose live but this is for support.

Oh ok thanks, I have told them but no reply.

With exams/graduation wrapping up in some parts of the world, you can expect some slower response times. If, however, the issue is persistent, you may wish to reach out to the IFVARB so they can look into it further.

Hope you get in and enjoy your time there! :)

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Since you applied for a Virtual Airline, I am sure you had read the basics first. In the IFVARB page, you will find the answer to the question: I applied, what’s next?. I am attaching a picture to help you out in case you missed it below:

Application Admin Approval

If you have any more questions, please message us at @IFVARB. Patience is the key when it comes to creating an airline!

Thank you for your understanding! 😊

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I believe he applied to join a VA… not create one.


Oh ok thanks.

No no I have send to join not create,

Bro made it to the second day, and lasted an hour. Sigma grindset right there


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