VA Alliances?

What if VAs had "Virtual Alliances that the VA’s make themselves and can Partner with other VA’s. Say if there Was a Etuhac VA and Emirates VA, they could form the “Arabian Alliance” or “Skyeast” alliance or something along those lines.

Thanks in regards - Brayden

PS. I’m pretty Positive this isn’t a feature request so put it in live.

This already is a thing! I know for a fact we have OneWorld and Skyteam for real world alliances, as well as Globecast as a fictional one. They’re actually really cool and open up lots of neat codeshare/partnership features for member VAs.

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Yeah, I’d like them to open up for some more! Cool!

Also be able to codeshare other airlines aircraft maybe…

I can’t wait to make my VA, just need to get that Trust 2 level! :D

Each Alliance (OneWorld, Star Alliance & GlobeCast) have their own codeshare and routes that they use. They also have joint events along with aircraft that they use. Check out their threads here.
Star Alliance


Nice, thanks Connor!

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