VA Alliances

I don’t know if this is a duplicate but if it is then feel free to close this.

My proposition is for there to be a “virtual alliances” in Infinite Flight. With the ever increase of VAs on Infinite Flight, I see it necessary for there to be some way to encourage pilots to take part in smaller VAs.

The alliances would allow people to log a flight, and it contribute to all VAs that are a part of that alliance.

For alliances to work, there would have to be a regulated inclusion process for each alliance. For a VA to be part of an alliance, they would have to be examined by an alliance’s member of staff.

It would help smaller VAs gain a higher following as people would be able to log hours for the whole alliance rather than just the small VA that wouldn’t mean much for the pilot if it wasn’t for the fact that hours could be put towards the alliance, resulting in people having an incentive to log hours with a smaller VA.

Tell me what you guys think!


There already are some Alliances in Infinite Flight. But I love the idea of a new and creative one!


I know of BlueWings Alliance @JerryC is Founder


I know that there are groups like Air France-KLM virtual. If this is done well, it could be a very good idea, however it could also become really confusing, really quickly.


Oh, that is my thing. It is not yet IFVARB approved, but soon, it will be. It is called BlueWings Alliance


I can’t give you too much info, but, you will see when it gets approved


Virtual Alliances will make the IF community and game more realistic and beneficial for other VAs


yes sounds good would be good for me as I am currently getting my VA approved. we probably wont grow to be too big.

Also one maybe for VA’s that are not just based off of a real airline. Like an alliance for maybe people like DynamX and IFAF and Aerosync and people like that if you get my point


Im sorry but I have to strongly object to this. The VAs that you see that are large all started out the same way as the newer VAs. What you see separating them is not the draw that they are larger but that there is an idea that other people like. Telling VAs to share members in just one giant alliance that is realistic is not optimal. If you want to increase your member count (which is not what a VA should be about) then consider bringing fresh ideas and opportunities that other VAs are not presenting. It is just like business. A lot of the larger business you see today came about not from the amount of stores they had products but offered things that made people want the product.


I’d have to strongly agree with @USA007 here. The VA market so to speak, is a very competitive place and always will be. I can’t see this working out for you guys, but if you want to try, you can of course if you like. It would defiantly be interesting. ;)


I think having alliances would be good for big events and more but I agree slightly that actually sharing flights and pilots is not the way ahead. Alliance is still a good idea if you tweek it a bit

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If this is the case I might make an Alliance :) anyone want the Star Alliance in IF?


yes pm me and I will help/ be interested as I am currently making an VA so I could join it @Marshall_Hilfman


I’m bringing this back lol. I’m currently trying to make an alliance with 5 other groups. I don’t think we’d share pilot but we’d just do events together so we can have a bigger footprint.

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Why not join my alliance? I have already started one up :)

MaxSez: I am and have always been unsanctioned anti-VA. I considered them “pirates”! They scape up the leavings and naïve members of successful aviation simulators. Only a few survive due to lack of organizational expertise, inexperience and the personality disorder of a few power centric individuals in VA core groups who continually pop up.

The recent introduction of IF’s “IFVARB, which supervises IF VA Operations and a seperate VA Feature/Event catagory was an excellant decision.

I like the Alliance idea as well, as long as it’s sangtioned by IFVARB. The more oversight the better.

As a matter of gereal interests, I suggest IFVARB police both the VA Feature/Event entries. Un-Sangtioned entries have been noted recruiting and soliciting there.




It will be Max. The IFVARB will be notified and be watching very closely

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MagsSez: the member VAs that are in negotiations to start this alliance are all fully recognised and IFVARB approved VAs.

I’m unsure what you’re trying to elude to, if you wouldn’t mind enlightening me bud?

@Mags885. MaxSez: I’m not your”Bud”! I don’t elude! I’ll be pleased to discuss your apparent twisted knickers by PM any time, G’day

Very salty. I’m also very happy to goto PM.