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Can there be more than 1 VA? Lets say somebody made a United Airlines VA, and someone else wanted to as well… Is it allowed?

Under IFVARB rules, no, that is not allowed. There may only be one VA for a given airline.

Ah gotcha, I wonder what airlines are avail to create

Any airline not in the IFVARB Database or the Reserved VA’s are up for grabs. Keep in mind that you may also make a fictional VO as long as it doesn’t infringe on the routes of a VA/VO (ex. “France VO” that uses Air France routes because those are under AFKLM).


wow thank you so much!

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Been looking for an answer myself for this.

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On the other hand, what @MrMrMan said is valid (check out his post for specific links). Per IFVARB guidelines, you may not create another VA that is currently in operation. I suggest checking out the available VAs to reserve on (

If you have any further questions I suggest reaching out to my friend @Jon_H who handles VAs at the IFVARB. If you have any further questions regarding this, I recommend reaching out to him in PMs.

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