VA Airlines Explained

What are the virtual airlines and what do they give you?

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Hi! Virtual airlines are a great way to build time with a specific airline while flying with fellow members and community members. Approved virtual airlines tend to be very professional as if you were a real pilot for the airline irl. You can build seniority and build up your rank while doing airline routes. It’s really fun! You can find and read up more below.


Do you have any of the American ones that are better and do you always have to fly for that airline and always in their specific planes?

There are many VA’s around the world that you can apply for. You can choose when you’d like to fly for the virtual airline so you are never limited to flying only for the virtual airline itself.

You can find all the existing VA’s and ally below:

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no but once you are in a VA do you only get to fly the routes they chose and their planes that they have with the airline paintscheme and everything

That’s usually the case. A good amount of virtual airlines have codeshare routes so you aren’t just limited to just the VA’s livery itself.

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