VA airline question

Is it worth joining and VA airline what are the benefits or cons

There are many pros of joining a virtual airline, which include a realistic flight experience with routes, flight hours, ranks and some even have career modes!


May I have some links or tell me where to go my airline request would be delta or emirates

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You get to know lots of more pilots
You get to discover the world in a different way
You can fly real life routes for real life airlines

In many VAs there are a minimum flight time each month

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I am applying and it says there is a expirence thing and a google doc where is it also I am applying for delta if that helps

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Oh, that’s if you are making a VA. I don’t think you want to make one correct? If you are looking to join one you should go through their thread. @TylerShah didn’t seem to provide a direct link to the list of VOs/VAs. They can be found here:

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@TaipeiGuru, the OP mentioned these virtual airlines as the ones they where interested in. There is nothing wrong with providing him the links of their websites so he can look over.

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