VA Active

Hi i search an active va :) Thank for your anwser !

You can look through these active VAs below


I have postuled on 1000000000 web site but no anwser or i have to wait …

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@Yanis_Chenna, As was already stated to you to in a very similar recent topic you made, the VA Database is pinned at the top of the category, please refer to it as you were previously instructed to.


The active VAs are listed in the OP.

okay thank ?

just i want to search a va acitve -_-

There are plenty of active VA’s in this category.

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And well I would like to know which or give some ideas :)

That is for you to decide by yourself, unfortunately we can’t have everyone who is unsure about such things making a topic about it. All the resources that you need are there.

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You join a VA through the database. Please continue your search there. I would recommend Qantas Virtual, they are active and should be able to help you out.


THANK FOR YOUR ANWSER ! i will continue to search :)

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Please do, feel free, but do not make another topic about it.

yes yes no problem !